• Enjoy the easy art of DIY candle making with this beginner friendly Candle Making Kit. This simple kit has everything you need to craft three scented candles including: soy wax, fragrance oils (phthalate-free) or essential oils, three 6 oz tins, three wick holders and three wicks. Great for gifts, parties, at home DIY activity to get everyone around the kitchen table. It brings a lovely glow and calming scent to any space. Assembled in Miami Lakes, Florida.

    What comes in your DIY Box:
    - 3 x Tin Containers ( 6 oz. each)
    - 14 oz. Eco-friendly Soy Wax
    - 1 x .33 oz Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils (Phthalate-free) (YOU PICK)
    - 3 x Cotton Wicks (lead-free)
    - 3 x Wick Stickers
    - 3 x Wick Holders 
    - 3 x Candle Safety Labels

    - 1 x 8" Candy Thermometer
    - Instructions

    What you need from home:
    - Stove Top 
    - Saucepan
    - Heat Safe Spouted Cup
    - Paper Towels

    Please note: This candle making requires adult guidance and supervision. Wax will be hot when melted, caution required when handling. Not for consumption. Not to be ingested. Small parts. Not suitable for children under 9 years old.

    DIY Candle Kit

    • Burning your candles: Do not leave candle unattended, do not burn near a draft,do not burn more than 3 hours, keep children and pets away from candle. Follow warning label instructions. The candle is maintained by trimming the wick after each burn cycle after the wax is firm and cooled. To trim the mushroom shaped burned wick, simply use your fingers to snap off and remove the burnt top of the wick. If maintained properly you candle will burn longer and cleaner.